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I am simply amazed!

When you told me about this idea I thought it could never be done. Boy I am glad you proved me wrong! Keyword research is one task that I never look forward to. Brainstorming and researching niche topics was the second task that I never looked forward to.

Brainstorm Generator is nothing short of amazing, it finds profitable keywords and unheard of niches all while I am doing other tasks on my computer. I love it and I wish I was the only one using it!

Michelle Timothy


Are You an Adsense Publisher?

How would you like to know which secret niches online are fetching the highest bids per click?

What if I told you that it is possible to uncover unheard of keyword niche phrases with high pay per click value from Google Adsense? Every knows about the common high paying keyword phrases ... those phrase are on every paid keyword list under the sun and in every one of those shared keyword databases.

Wouldn't you like to have a list of high paying niches and keyword phrases that no one else has?

Brainstorm Generator can do that for you plus ....

Brainstorm Generator will outperform, any keyword brainstorming a human could do and we promise it will generate more profits for you than any other keyword software or keyword database on the market (free or paid)! Guaranteed!


If you are an Adwords Advertiser ...

How would you like to maximize your budget? Get more targetted traffic by uncovering all of those low supply high demand phrases that your competition is ignoring!


Brainstorm Generator Simulates the Human Mind and Behavior. It Does All the Thinking For You!


Brainstorm Generator is dead easy to use. All you need to do is make 5 Clicks and... THAT'S IT!
Let All your competitors keep scratching their heads and wasting endless hours struggling to find and research the right keywords, while you sit back, relax and have Brainstorm Generator maximize your AdSense profits and grow your bank account!



This Is The Best Keyword Generator Software I've
Seen So Far On The Internet...


I still don't believe it when I saw such powerful software like BrainStorm Generator is available for sale online!

These types of software will never be realized by real Adsense income earner because this is their secrets of creating passive income online easily.

When I first got this software, I've easily generated 10 keywords of highly profitable niche market that I can conquer and make a killing with Adsense profit.

Not only that, BrainStorm Generator is one of best tools to do research for starting an online niche business on the right track.

Conclusion, this software is created by a genius.

I know I'm going to make money online with this software's useful tools.

Patric Chan
CEO, IM Tactics Inner Circle



From:  Peter Drew

Dear friend,

Aren't you tired of wasting endless hours thinking up niches ... then going online to do research on that niche to see if it would be worth your time? Ever wished you could hire someone to research and find niches for you all day long?

Well so did we ... Instead of wishing we did something about it. We created Brainstorm Generator.

Brainstorm Generator is a breakthrough in keyword research and niche finding strategies. There are literally millions of niches online ... to research them all would not only take forever, but you would never find all of the most profitable niches just working on your own.

You need help ... Let Brainstorm Generator Help You Uncover Those Golden Nuggets!

Imagine a program that stays on top of the trends and sends you reports on keyword phrases that are not only high value in Adsense dollars but are also low competiton, so that you alone can easily get ranked for that phrase. This is not a keyword in some shared database that everyone has access to. These are gems that might otherwise never have been uncovered if it were not for Brainstorm generator.



FREE Trial For Brainstorm Generator

YES! I want to download the Brainstorm Generator trial version while it's 100% free!

  •  I understand that I will have unlimited access to the trial version of this powerful software.

  •  I understand that I will receive an amazing report "How to Profit from AdSense with Brainstorm Generator Vol. I"  that teaches me how to increase my AdSense profits.

  •  I understand that I will get fully support from the technical team of Brainstorm Generator.

Download Today You will Get Our Special Report.......

How to Profit from Adsense with Brainstorm Generator™ Vol. I

In this amazing report (video + pdf), we will feature:

1. Secrets of keyword research

2. Concepts behinds Brainstorm Generator

3. Learn how to access unlimited profitable AdSense keywords and Adwords campaigns  ....and more!

Fill this form you can download Brainstorm Generator Instantly!



Keyword Research Software, Content Generation Scripts & All SEO Strategies Are Useless Without... The Right Keyword(s) and Keyphrase(s).

In order to find a highly profitable niche, before you work on optimizing a web page or running a content generation engine, you need to conduct a series of keyword searches.

There are plenty keyword tools and keyword research software tools on the market. But they all require that you already know the market you want to build in.

This is the first step and it is an important step. You need to have or find a keyword idea to input to all those other software tools to get started.

But what if you have no idea what niche you want to be in?

What if you are fresh out of good ideas and want some input?

As you can see ... No matter how powerful your keyword tool is, you cannot skip this important step. You must have a keyword or a niche idea to start with.

That is where Brainstorm generator out shines the competition. It does the thinking, the niche finding and the keyword research for you!

The bad new is most people don’t know how to maximize the power of these keyword tools. They don’t know the real force which drives any strategies work. It’s the “Keyword”.

Are you currently wasting endless hours, using trial and error with your own very limited human mind and knowledge.  Lets face it ... you can only think of keywords to research that you already know. That's pretty narrow thinking and research, isn't it? 


The million dollar question is:

What about the tons of highly profitable keywords and keyphrases that you simply don't know about? Knowing these keywords could take your Adwords and Adsense profits from a few dollars per month to five figures per month!

Warning! Highly profitable keywords are NOT keywords with the highest $ amount per click! I'll soon tell you which keywords are the most profitable for you.


Most People Are Not Making Any Serious Money with Adsense & Adwords Because...

There are two main reasons.

Reason #1: Many publishers overlook the importance of keyword research and focus on SEO or content generation, twisting to death that website template or just copying the keywords from another site.

However, no matter what SEO strategies or content generation scripts you use, without correct keywords to start with all keyword tools and content generation software are useless.

Reason #2: Some publishers waste 90% of their precious time trying to find the right keywords, researching and analyzing them rather than page generation and optimization.


 The Most Profitable Keywords Are NOT What you Think!

The most profitable keywords are not those that pay the most per click.

You see, the highest paying keywords are in the spotlight and everyone and his entire tribe is creating and generating sites loaded with these keywords.

With such cut-throat competition, what are your chances of making it anywhere close to being seen by your target market?

You could try optimizing your website/page with the high pay-per-click keywords like "Internet Marketing". This phrase is very competitive and it is very difficult to get top ranking. Low rankings would bring you little traffic, if any. Then you can expect your earning will be very low.

What about Loser Low Paying Keywords?

You could find some less competitive keywords. However, only 1 to 2 Adwords advertisers pay for these keywords. Even if you have a lot of traffic, your AdSense earnings would most probably be very low, too.


The Real Definition of Highly Profitable Keywords Is...

The most profitable keywords are those that result in Google sending you an AdSense profits check you'd be happy with :)

The most profitable keywords are those (1) that have low competition, (2) bring you a lot of traffic, AND (3) are not low-paying keywords. It's a combination of these three things.

When you get a lot of traffic and your WebPages display a lot of AdSense ads, then:

High Traffic + More Relevant Ads =  More Clicks = Good AdSense Earnings

Brainstorm Generator gives you only the most profitable keywords with zero effort on your part! So, when everyone is looking down the hole to try and find a penny or two, you'd be looking at the treasures of the sky!


Why Brainstorm Generator Is Better Than Any/All Keyword Research Software

You can find a lot of good keyword research software on the web. These tools can help you to do a lot of analysis. However, When you start any research campaign, you must have a keyword idea as a starting point to input to the software. No matter how powerful your tool is, you cannot skip this process.

Brainstorm Generator's cyber brain will scientifically input the right keywords for you!  Don't ask how! It'll just do it and amaze you as it uncovers one profitable keyword after another.


Why Brainstorm Generator Is Better Than Keyword Databases

I have received tons of emails all containing the exact same question:


I checked over 1,000 websites and blogs. Some of them are my clients and some are my friend’s clients. I found they have a common problem. They used similar keywords e.g. “internet marketing”, or the free high-paid keyword database. Some of these people said they used the keywords mentioned some ebook.

Guess what happens? Yes. The market becomes highly competitive and over-saturated, and that's exactly what's happening.

Most AdSense databases share high paying keywords. They are high paying because the supply is high and the demand is low. Now, with tons of people using them, these keywords become ultra competitive.

OK. If you use tricky methods to let people click your ads, then advertisers of these ads would eventually lower their bidding price.

I never use shared keyword databases, neither free nor paid.

Most free keyword databases show monthly results. It can be the last month or even longer. I need fresh data. When I see some owners of the database claim they have thousands members, I know these keywords are no longer profitable! Why? how you can make money when thousands competitors using the same keywords as yours?

The reason a lot of people purchase lists is because they find it extremely difficult and time consuming to find/come up with the right keywords themselves.

I have good news for you:

Brainstorm Generator allows you to skip the thinking process and avoid any competition with users of (free/paid) keyword databases. It does all the thinking for you!
One of the greatest advantages of Brainstorm Generator is that its keyword research results are as fresh as a fish just pulled out of the sea.
Brainstorm Generator refreshes results every minute and has one simple special feature that will make it almost impossible for any two Brainstorm Generator users to get the same keyword results!

And yes! All users will have highly profitable keywords! It's like magic!


Did You know?

Froogle, one of the three sources of research of Brainstorm Generator (the three being Froogle, any web URL, your keyword list) updates the keywords every minutes. We can see seasonal keyword trends in Froogle. This means you may see Christmas products in November and Easter product in March. The keywords always change from month to month.

Talking about freshness and being up-to-date. There is no way in the world any SEO software can survive and remain effective without continuous updating. That's why we're always updating the formulas of Brainstorm Generator settings (default settings, filtering keywords, etc).

Every time you start the software, it will query the server to check whether there are any updates. If there is, it automatically updates without uninstallation or reinstallation.


Brainstorm Generator Is Better, Smarter and Faster Than Any Human Being!

Ok, let's not talk about how much time would be wasted and how many trials and errors it would take to find just one profitable keyword, even just one!

Let us now talk about how much time it would take you to do further research and analysis on this one keyword.

How about 100 keywords? 1000? 10,000 fresh and non-competitive keywords?


Brainstorm Generator The Ultimate State-Of-The-Art Intelligent Profitable Keyword Finder, Research & Analysis Software - All in One!

Finally, a powerful automatic program can turbo charge your keyword research ability and feeds unlimited innovative and profitable keywords has already saved me!

1. Find profitable keywords without inputting a keyword by the users
2. Find profitable keywords without trial and error
3. Find profitable keywords without human brainstorms

Click the image below to see the full picture

Brainstorm Generator™

Brainstorm Generator Solves The 3 Biggest Problems Any AdSense Publishers and Internet Marketers Face

  • Find, research and analyze profitable AdSense keywords

  • Find new product ideas

  • Spot profitable Adwords campaigns

Just a few Click, Brainstorm Generator will Bring You:

1. Top paying Adsense keywords. More traffic, more relevant ads, more clicks and higher earnings.

2. More commissions and profits from your Adwords campaign.

3. Sure-fire product ideas that sell.



See Brainstorm Generator In Action
Watch Our Video Demo!

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10 Reasons You Need This Tool Right Now

Unlimited profitable keyword ideas for AdSense publishing. You don't need to input any seed keywords. What you need to do is to "click" and let it run!  Brainstorm Generator will do all the thinking and research for you.  
No shared keyword databases. All your keywords are fresh and unique. Nobody will use the exact same set of keywords as yours.  
Generate more website traffic. You're going to have a list of "low-supply - high-demand" keywords. Less competitors means you have a good chance to get good traffic.  
NEW! One-click to collect all sub-keywords. You can collect all sub-keywords (hundreds to thousands) from the keyword results generated by Brainstorm Generator with 1-click. It is the most powerful feature to enlarge your keyword list instantly.  
Filter bad keywords that search engines don’t like!  
Filter the profitable keywords from your existing keyword list (assuming you have a list of keywords)  
Three default filters for starters, a shortcut to become expert. Eg. Help the users to find the top paying and supply>demand keywords  
Easy to customize. You can customize the settings of Brainstorm Generator to find the target keywords. Customizable setting for expert and special requirements assigned by users. Customizable keyword format for content engine user & Adwords advertiser.  
Save the data in Excel or Txt format for content generation engine or Adwords campaigns  
Save your time. No more boring analytical work on keyword research. No need to go from one software to another. All the most important indicators you can find in Brainstorm Generator.  
Easy to use. No programming knowledge is required.  

Always updated. You need a marketing software with frequent update. Why? It is because the search engine environment changing. Today something is right then maybe it will be wrong tomorrow. Brainstorm Marketer is a software made by Adsense publisher. You are going to use the tool exactly the same of ours.

Automatically update. No more un-installation and reinstallation. Brainstorm Generator automatically detects the new files and updates itself.  

And More...

Profitable Adwords campaign. Uncover the any low-supply but high-demand Adwords campaign. Simply referring to these high-conversion customers to buy your products. Commission comes.  
Unlimited new product ideas. Brainstorm Generator can bring you tons of existing niches which are heavily searching for a particular products and services, which are not currently available to the market. This is a sure-fire goldmine.  
Automatically Upload keywords to Viral Instigator and automate 95% of your site building process  
Hi Peter,

Brainstorm Generator is definitely a real AdSense software breakthrough. Haven’t been amazed by any new software in a very long time.

I say it’s amazing because this is definitely the ONLY software solution that takes the first and most important step for me, which is finding out what keywords are most profitable, without even asking me to feed it any keywords initially. Unlike ALL OTHER keyword research software, I don’t have to start off Brainstorm Generator with any keyword!

It’s such a relief to know I don’t have to waste my time and effort using trial & error trying to find out what keywords might be profitable. With Brainstorm Generator it’s a profitable keyword bulls eye every single time.

Another amazing thing about this software is that it identifies the most profitable keywords, which is totally different from the highest pay-per-click keywords!

While others are going to be wasting endless hours trying to find a profitable keyword or two based on their limited human knowledge, I’m going to be creating AdSense sites at the speed of light based on real profitable keywords that Brainstorm Generator helped me easily dig out with a shovel! 

Mike Mograbi


Hi Peter,

I'm truly amazed by the fantastic results Brainstorm Generator brings me, each and every time I run it.

It's like having a full time Research &Development staff at the ready, without having an added payroll expense.

Brainstorm Generator will have you light years ahead of your competition in no time. Never again will you need to think up new niches, they are just dropped in your lap without any work.

I originally wanted to write a point by point comparison with a competitors software, but soon realized, there is no equal.

If you want hot, fresh, profit pulling market ideas, you need Brainstorm Generator, NOW!

Great job guys...

Scot Standke - Founder


Hi Peter,

This is Dirk Wagner. I am seriously impressed. In the past it took very much of my time to find the right market to create profit pulling adsense portals.

Congratulation on creating a tool that lets everyone benefit from leaving the hard part of generating passive income called market research and let Brainstorm Generator do this for me.

Now I can concentrate on creating the websites around the keywords given from your powerful tool. None of the other keyword research tools I own show me such valuable information.

Dirk Wagner


Hey Peter,

Brainstorm Generator is mind-blowing! I have tried out tons of keyword software and keyword lists but none of them were as effective. I tested out Brainstorm Generator with 4 other keyword software, and guess which one found the most profitable niche keywords for my site -BG!

The best part about your software is that it's not limited to just making money from Adsense. I can get keywords for my Adwords ads and also get ideas to create new products for my niche. The two reports you have included are a great help and I was able to start using the software in no time. :-)

Rangoo Srinivas


Hi Peter,

I couldn't believe how easy your software is to use and the treasures that it revealed just moments after I hit the enter button. I can honestly say that I would never have guessed in a million years some of the profitable keywords that I discovered using your program. And, you were right. I didn't have to use my brain at all - which is a good thing!

Hands down it beats the pants off any Google Adsense keyword sites, membership or otherwise, that I've ever run across. In fact, your program might just put those types of sites out of business all together.

Super job!

Jay Douglas,


Don't wait....Download the full version of Brainstorm Generator right NOW!

YES! Peter! Count Me In!
I want to download Brainstorm Generator,  the world's only profitable keyword finder and researcher software.  
I want to:

- Find, research and analyze profitable keywords without inputting any keywords myself

- Find profitable keywords without trial and error

- Find profitable keywords without human brainstorms

- Find new product ideas

- Spot profitable Adwords campaigns

I understand that by Ordering Today, I will be entitled to all future updates and unlimited customer support.  
After my order is confirmed, I'll be sent the download link for the software via email.  
I understand that my on-line transaction is 100% Secure, through Paypal.  

Super Special, Limited-Time Offer!

Order Brainstorm Generator Full Version Today you will get unlimited fresh, profitable and unique keyword ideas for a one time investment of only $497 $297 $147 ONLY. For this one time investment Brainstorm Generator will tirelessly give your fresh and profitable keywords forever.

Order Today You will Get...

How to Profit from Adsense with Brainstorm Generator™ Vol. II

We will feature:

1. Secrets of content generation engine

2. How to use content engine properly

3. Where to find cheap hosting service

4. How to improve your Adsense earning

5. Learn how to exploit and use the profitable Adwords keywords and new product ideas ....and more!





Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you can download Brainstorm Generator.





System Requirements for Brainstorm Generator:
  • Pentium MMX or Higher (Windows 98 only; 64 MB RAM)
  • or Windows 2000 or equivalent (128 MB RAM)
  • or Windows XP.
  • Windows 98 or higher
  • 150MB free hard drive space
  • 56K modem or higher / Or Internet Connectivity
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution, 16 million colors or higher
  • Any standard web server (Unix) (Apache Web Server) - optional

Attention MAC Users:

  • Brainstorm Generator requires a PC Emulator to run on a MAC.
  • Please note that this does reduce the performance of the Brainstorm Generator software
  • Compatible PC Emulator (Virtual PC is one we recommend; you can get more information at:
  • Mac OS 7.5.5 or later
  • 150MB free Hard Drive space
  • 56K modem or higher / Or Internet Connectivity

P.S. We do not guarantee any kind of results from using Brainstorm Generator. The software works and we provide full support to help you get it up and running. We do not provide full access to our software for evaluation and trial purposes. No Tire Kickers Please!

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